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If you have little monsters at home and want to celebrate Guy Fawkes in style we have a great range of monster friendly fireworks in store. We have our very own little monster so we understand what you are looking for whether it be rockets for a spaceman or something pink for a princess - we've got it all. We also have a wide range of selection boxes that include ground fireworks and catherine wheels. If you have a small back garden then our 5 metre safety distance fireworks are a safe monster friendly option.

All the little monsters who visit our shop love it so why not come and visit, watch our videos and see all the different shapes and sizes of fireworks in stock! 


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Posted by Rob Seward at 11:12

Bristol's Best Firework Shop

Sunday 11th October 2015



Here at Monster Fireworks we have been selling fireworks for over 20 years in the Bristol area. We are a family business and understand what our customers want. We can offer professional advice to suit any display whether you are having a big party or a few children in the back garden. We only supply good quality fireworks from the big brands so you can trust that your fireworks are genuine and safe.

Don’t just take our word for it but check out our reviews on Google from all our satisfied customers and see our 5 star ratings. We are happy for you to leave feedback and reviews for any products as we like to listen and keep our customers happy. Whether you are a valued customer visiting us for many years or have never dared enter a firework shop before you can be sure we have something for you.

Many supermarkets now offer fireworks but in our opinion the choice they offer is very limited and you aren’t getting any specialist advice. We believe we offer better fireworks and a great choice plus our shop is fun! Buy in a supermarket and you can choose from the 1 brand they stock, visit us and you can choose the best across lots of brands. You want the best rockets then buy from X brand, the best selection box then buy from Y brand. We pick through all our suppliers products and choose the best that they offer for our shop so that you know when you buy a rocket from us it’s because we’ve chosen that rocket because it’s good as opposed to being the only rocket in the range.

We have videos of the fireworks and you can see our huge choice from small garden fireworks, rockets, selection boxes to finale barrages. We have fireworks from £3 to £300! So dare to visit us and be amazed at what you can buy! Staffed by a husband and wife team we have a small number of other staff who have worked with us for years and who also have expert knowledge.  Plus we only sell fireworks so you can be sure when you visit our shop you are getting the best advice. You wouldn’t want to buy fruit and veg from us so why would you want to buy fireworks from a supermarket?

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New Years Eve Fireworks Bristol 2014

Monday 29th December 2014

After having a quick search on the Internet there doesn't seem to be that many events with fireworks this year. That said quality rather than quantity and the  hotel looks like it could be awesome way to see in New years. The back drop of the Avon gorge will be a spectacular place to see beautiful visual effects light up the sky. Also a little further a field at  they have a wonderful night planned with musical firework display and sky lantern accent. Both would be great way to welcome 2015.

If you plan on staying at home or are having friends round then back garden fireworks are another great way to do something special. For very little money you can create a sensory treat that will lift any party.
Here's a few top tips 
1) Check the size of the area you are going to fire them from
2) Choose suitable fireworks for that space UK fireworks will be 5m, 8m, 25m safety distance from your audience
3) Make sure there is nothing that could catch fire or hit that is close
3) For New years just use a few - less fuses to light
4) Read the instructions of the fireworks in the day and familiarise your self where the fuse is located
5) Don't Drink
If you re not sure just give us a call and we will be only to happy to help
Happy New Year!



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These are some of the most common questions we get asked each year from customers when buying their New Years fireworks
1) What size fireworks can I have?
2) Can I use rockets?
3) I want one of those single fuse things
4) How long will it go on for?
5) How big does my garden need to be?
The best place to start from is to think about where you are firing them from. One of the main factors is how much room you have to work with garden, park or field whatever it is this should determine which fireworks will be most suitable.
In the UK fireworks at present have either 5m, 8m or 25m safety distance. This a guide for the distance between the firework and your audience. The firework will have been tested to see how far the hot debris that is shot out falls around it.
Get an idea of the size of your firing area by walking it or even using  using the tape and measuring it.Then when you come to select your fireworks check there safety distance before you buy them.
Inline image 1
There are lots of other factors but specifically for New years we find customers prefer to use less but bigger fireworks for New Years. It's popular to just use a single ignition firework and a big rockets so there's not many fuses to light. 2-3 minutes is perfect for back garden party as most people will want to carry on partying - it very different to Bonfire night.
single ignition

Fireworks for New Years Eve is without doubt one of the biggest nights of the year for us. People even reserve their fireworks so as to get the best choice, buy their favorites that they had last year or even try latest and best. 
Please feel free to give us a call for any advice on selecting your fireworks.

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Bristol Fireworks

Wednesday 5th November 2014

Guy Fawkes night is here again and we've got great weather in Bristol with clear skies and light winds. Perfect for Bonfire night and for your party to go with a bang. If you fancy a party at home we've got a great selection for your back garden which will keep the kids and the adults entertained. There are also organised displays around including Canford Park on Saturday night. 

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