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DIY Firework display

A good show is not of out reach even for the beginner. The market now has some quite advanced products - Single Ignitions. With a bit of common sense and some basic preparation you will able to entertain the crowd safely.

Some of main things to take in to consideration are:

  • You are going to need at least 25 metres between you and your Audience

A big area behind and to the sides of your firing area. Nothing obstructing over head or anything hazardous in the immediate display area e.g. a petrol station or corn field etc

  • Fireworks

A good selection of different types of fireworks.

A firing order or plan of what sequence you are going to set the Fireworks off. Designate helpers and allocate tasks

  • Set up

Mark an audience safety barrier using tape or barriers
Lay out the fireworks and secure them before the show
You can weather proof simply by covering with bin bags

  • Wind

Is a major factor. If the wind is in the wrong direction i.e. towards or across the audience, remove rockets from your display
If the wind is too strong don't be afraid to postpone the show and remember the wind is usually much stronger higher up

  • Firing

Wear protective clothing at least goggles, a baseball cap and gloves
Make sure everyone knows what they are meant to be doing
Split the team up so each firer operates their own area
Essential to use Portfires this saves a lot problems. Light at arms length and always light the tip and not the middle.If the firework doesn't go off leave it - DO NOT go back! After the show dowse it in water

  • Cleaning up

After the show check for fireworks that did not go off. When in doubt dowse everything in water and bag it up
Do not let anyone enter the display area until it is safe
Never throw spent fireworks on to the bonfire, they may still be live and shoot off into the audience or at you!

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