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Bristol's best firework store

3,2,1 Happy New Year at Bristol’s best firework shop. We've loads of new fireworks to make your party go with a bang. Rockets, single ignitions, cakes and selection boxes all in stock

New Years Eve - Closing 7pm 

Luminous Flux
NEW 2015, Kimbolton multi colour bombettes with nice crackle rain finale  - 25 shots


Hell Yeah!
New 2015 Kimbolton, 127 Shot - Red, Green, Blue, Silver with mixture of amazing v and w shape affects.


Brand new for 2015 Oh My Gosh it's fantastic! Huge 25 Shot large bore display firework with loads of colour, glitter willows and dragon eggs crackles. OMG you also save an amazing £25 off the RRP. 


Ice Breaker
New for 2015, Ice Breaker mixes cool colours with vibrant effects to produce and outstanding firework for every occasion. This 100 Shot Category 3 firework is a remarkable mix of duration, pace and range. The effects will undoubtedly make Ice Breaker a firm favourite for...


Astounding effects from this 24 shot cake. In fact you will find it hard to believe how good it really is for the money. A brilliant straight firing cake with dragon eggs, blue & red strobes, gold willow and green tip brocade


Restricted by space but want a large big hitter firework? then this could be the answer!  This 75 shot firework is only Cat 2. and requires only an 8m safety distance. Awesome performance its really amazing.


Rio Grande
Combining pace and spectacle, this 80 Shot display cake is perfect for all the family and will dazzle and amaze your family and friends. Featuring stunning, vibrant colours and effects, no show will be complete without this beautiful piece.


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